About us

Alam Wisata Cimahi was founded by CV. Kebun Tani Anugrah is a manifestation of the desire of entrepreneurs to develop tourism in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry and culinary education and see the potential of locations in the city of Cimahi, as well as for the welfare of the surrounding community.

Alam Wisata Cimahi itself was inaugurated on October 18, 2009 by Mayor Cimahi Ir. H. Itoch Tochija at the beginning of the launch of Alam Wisata Cimahi still focuses on culinary business activities where a restaurant that serves a variety of menus ranging from traditional Sundanese, Chinese and modern stands with various facilities such as multipurpose buildings, outbound facilities and agriculture.

Along with the development of time where Alam Wisata became one of the favorite tourist destinations in the city of Cimahi. Alam Wisata Cimahi continues to clean up by adding new facilities such as swimming pools, cultural saung, suspension bridges, farms, fishing ponds, sheep dexterity arena etc., with the hope that Alam Wisata Cimahi will become a center of Tourism and Cultural Tourism in the city of Cimahi.

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Our Address
Jl. Kol. Masturi KM 4 No.157 RT.001 RW 0013 Kel. Cipageran Cimahi

Our Phone Numbers
Office : (022) 2700228, 08112333629
Public Relation : Siti (085797090566), Mey (087824186972)